Rings: Fuji Alconite
Handle material: EVA
Reel: Fuji




Zander Series:

Zander is not another series of rods, this is extension of jig-spinning potential, a tackle which many fishermen lacked. The combination of hard and powerful blank with the pasted in monolith graphite top make the rod absolutely universal, it can control retrieving of light baits as well as it cast easily cast heavy baits substituting at least two rods this way. However, there are problems which cannot be solved by two rods of different test range. A vivid example – fishing with big soft bait with light weight. The weight of this bait as is is 10 grams, plus the head of 5 grams… A light rod won’t cope with casting of such construction, resists water pretty well and won’t hook up the fish with a big hook, while a heavier rod won’t allow controlling retrieving especially if the bottom is sludgy. Zander with cope with these problems pretty easy. Besides, Zander enables to lead out easily a big fish when catching among the water plants. The blank of the rod is made of high-modulus graphite and is remarkable for light weight, hardness and high sensitivity. The construction of the top guide, due to shape of the bearings, prevents wrapping, the front part of the handle is made of graphite – it increases tactile sensitivity. Zander rods are a perfect choice for fishing with jigging baits for zander, pike or perch, or it can be used to fish with relatively not big wobblers, spinners and spoons where increase sensitivity is not useful.

ZA-792M Medium 2.40m max. 32g Extra Fast 141g 2 1.23m 199,99€